Exercise for weight loss belly and sides

Ugly folds of fat is very difficult to hide under clothing, and therefore the lack of figures of a girl complex. The fat that hides the waist, the phenomenon is due to sedentary lifestyle, poor diet and age-related hormonal changes. Many women do not consider it necessary to resume Smoking figure immediately after birth, and their rounded tummy as the position continues to increase in size, and an hour to get into your favorite dress becomes completely impossible.

To solve this problem will help exercise for weight loss belly and sides at home, with regular execution of which can return her figure is still attractive. Simple complexes is possible even without visiting a gym, it is sufficient to allocate 15 minutes a day. Regular exercise will help not only to get hell of fat and also to reduce your waist, strengthen the abdominal muscles, tighten the skin and increase blood circulation in the internal organs.

Than a big belly is dangerous to health

Before it was considered the norm lack of waist and fatty deposits in childbirth. Today, this figure is not only ugly, according to studies, these people are much more susceptible to cardiovascular diseases.

To determine how much a person may buy health problems by the following indicators:

  • AB the pit of the waist;
  • mass index a;
  • the difference AB the pit of the thighs and shapes.

To determine the mass index a person, the weight in kg divided by height in cm squared. If you get a number greater than 30, obesity is diagnosed.

A female figure with a slim waist and rounded hips have always inspired artists and sculptors. As it turned out, the feminine forms of the phenomenon are also a sign of health. The bigger the difference between hips and shapes, the less the likelihood of developing chronic heart disease. The waist can determine how a person is likely to develop cardiovascular diseases. If this figure exceeds 80 cm, the risk is big!

What determines the effectiveness of training

If you want to achieve results, you need to:

  • A proper exercise program, you can use the help of an instructor, who will pick up the load. If it is not possible to frequently go to the gym, video.
  • To start classes with warm-up and to train at least 3 times a week: frequent workout will help to get hell of fat around the waist and abdomen.
  • Combined with cardio, in the performance of such a complex is the fat burning.
  • To use exercise equipment for greater efficiency.

Best exercise for belly slimming and to strengthen the heart muscle is of course cardio. In order to set the desired tempo, you can use the calculator heart rate, which helps to outline the pulse. Start cardio with moderate intensity, gradually bringing the tempo and frequency of 80 % of maximum heart rate.

Training should be fun, if it is a burden, that weight loss is not achieved. Proper selection of music stimulates exercise, improves the mood and sets the pace.

A proper exercise program will help of fitness consultant. He will choose an individual complex according to ad condition of the body, the musculoskeletal system and a history of chronic diseases. Burn fat will help of interval training that combines fast paced with perform breathing exercises. To change the intensity of exercise is recommended every 5 – 10 minutes.

Expert opinion

Modern updated data, abdominal fat, or obesity of the upper half of the body, is very closely associated with high cardiometabolic risk (heart attacks and strokes). But initially accurate determination of the quantity of the fat requires expensive and complex ways. Therefore, waist circumference is a very simple and reliable surrogate marker, because this indicator is very well correlated desired amount of fat. If men abdominal circumference greater than 120 cm, and in women 88 cm, a higher cardiometabolic risk. However, it is necessary to correctly perform the measurement. The most correct will be the average of the three values: the distance between the lower ribs and the iliac tuberosity, accurate measurement of the navel and the smallest waist circumference. It is necessary to measure abdominal circumference on the exhale, standing without shoes, the emphasis should be on both feet arms hang freely at your sides. Therefore, to measure (especially the first time) have other people. The measurement should be performed three times, and the accuracy is 1 mm.

Best exercises for belly

Exercises to reduce waist home simple, the main thing to execute it regularly, and then the effect will be visible after a month. Just below we present the best exercises for slimming the abdomen, but before that you need to warm up. You have to start with warm up to warm up muscles and prepare them for upcoming loads.


Warm-up involves simple movements:

  • torso twists;
  • leg swings;
  • the waving of the hands;
  • squats;
  • tilts.

Classic twisting

A girl performs an exercise Twisting

Twisting is the most effective exercise for weight loss abdomen and strengthen the press, his regular and proper execution will help to reduce your waist and strengthen your abs. At run time, is the voltage of direct and oblique abdominal muscles. The body thus receives both static and dynamic loading. While holding the case in position the abdominal muscles that are shrinking, then stretched. Simultaneously with the abdominal muscles when performing crunches is to strengthen your decrease stomach.

Error while executing:

  • fixing feet with a partner or alone, clinging to the furniture — in this position, the effect will be lower, the legs should be anchored only on a flat bench or a special simulator;
  • the lack of coordination of movements with the breath: it can disrupt heart function, so lifting is always done on the exhale and down on inhale;
  • separation of the waist from the floor in this position increases the load on the spine, not to do this, you can put under the back roll of towels or work on a fitball;
  • sudden movements and Mahi hands: reduce muscle activity press.

Performed twisting, lying on back, legs bent at the knees so that your heels were as close as possible and buttocks. Hands can be folded on the chest or have a head. Doing the twisting it is necessary to bend the body so as to bring the ribs and pelvic bones, but not so his knees. Otherwise, the work will be included not the abdominal muscles, and other.

While exhaling, first you need to press the chin and the chest, pull the shoulders off the floor, then the shoulder blade and gently bend the spine. The feet should not participate. During inhalation it is necessary to repeat this exercise on the contrary. Beginners perform the curl at 2-3 sets of hell 10 times.

A man does exercise Reverse curl

Alternatives twisting

  • With the rotation of the body during twisting tips the right shoulder to the left side without lifting your left hell sex, and Vice versa. This exercise is more difficult, but very effective to reduce the AB pit of waist, strengthen the press.
  • Oblique: the exercise is done the same way as the previous one, from the prone position, but when the slopes at the same time bend the legs in the same direction;
  • Reverse: from a supine position lift the body right at the same time with legs bent at a 90 degree angle, to perform 2-3 sets ad 5 times.

Other systems for the press

  • The exercise is performed in the supine position. Hands lie along the body. Raise 1 leg up and make it circular movements, first clockwise, then counterclockwise. The same repeat with the other naked. It is recommended to perform 10 times on each naked.
  • The rotation of the bent legs, simulating a Cycling from prone position. To perform not less than one minute.
  • In the supine position on the floor raise your legs at an angle of 45 degrees, to bring them together and breed, to feel the stress of the press, to make at least 10 times.
  • Lie on the floor, arms at sides, legs extended. Bend your arms at the elbows and leaning on them, raise the pelvis as high as possible, hold in this position for at least 10 seconds, to sink, to run the ad 5 times.


From a prone position on her stomach to get up, leaning on bent at the elbows and the toes of the feet. The whole body, from head to feet, should resemble a straight bar.

This exercise contributes to the tension of all abdominal muscles, legs, arms, buttocks.

  • Standing straight, feet slightly apart, hands raised and joined together, as in cotton, slowly lean to one side and feel the stretch the side muscles and abs. Hold this position for 15 seconds and return back. To repeat the same in the other direction. To perform at least 10 times in each direction.
  • Lying on the floor with straight legs and wrap it around the fitball on both sides. Raise the legs compressed between fitball up, tilt right, then left. Legs do not bend. Do 10 times in each direction.

Performing bar must keep the hands parallel to the shoulders, it is impossible to bend the neck, spine straight. In this position, you need to stay as long as possible.


The best way to get rid of the hell of excess fat on the sides and ass are cardio. If we are talking about walking, then this refers to sports or Scandinavian. If the daily walk briskly for 30-40 minutes at a speed of at least 60 steps per minute, it is good to lose weight.

As cardio can happened:

  • walking;
  • run;
  • dancing.

During a walk in the fresh air restores the metabolic processes in the body, strengthens the heart muscle. Walking is an excellent exercise which is suitable for both beginners and for the elderly. Running has always been considered the most effective way to lose excess crowbar. The most effective interval running, when alternating canter and trot. With this change activity, fat is burned much faster than when running at the same pace.

Sports dance is no less useful than any other set of exercises. Dancing not only contribute to burning excess fat and also strengthen all muscle groups, including the press, hell relieve depression and improve overall health.

Practical tip: as a cardio fit and even quick walking up the stairs. Refusing hell this lift, it's easy to lose a few pounds.

Ways of ridding the hell of excess weight there are numerous, we should not forget about the food. During training it is better to avoid fatty food and sweets, but vegetables and greens can be eaten in any quantity. To achieve good results, you do not need a lot of time, it is sufficient to choose any set of exercises. Importantly, a clear set goal and will power.


"I'm probably not the only one, who after the birth of the phenomenon was a chubby tummy. Despair but on this occasion it was not my rules. As they grow, the firstborn of the phenomena I have more free time. I did not lose his gifts and started to do complex exercises, each time increasing the load. Notice how gradually the folds on the abdomen began to decrease."

"If you really want a flat stomach, you need a lot of work to do. In addition to the correct, moderate power, I chose classes at the gym, and special exercise program. In it I have included a recommended best fitness instructors ways to achieve a flat stomach. I was very diligent, and have almost achieved my goal."

"After 25 I started to be a phenomenon fat on the sides. I know that my thirst and sweet tooth the main reason for this trouble. Diets are not for me, will power I have not developed. But to engage in recreational physical activity, regular performance of special exercises, it was easy. Started with public and moved it more complex. It really helped me. My figure became much more active."