The Diet Of Dukan

the diet of dukan

In the course of the last 20 years to star in the world, and the women are praising the diet the Dukan. The duchess of cambridge, Carole Middleton, and Jennifer Lopez, Penelope Cruz is not a full list of the big names of the persons to whom the major dietitian's French, Pierre Dukan has helped them to lose weight. But, it's apparent at first glance simple, the diet has its own characteristics that must be taken into account during the preparation of the menu for each and every day.

Interesting. Pierre Dukan the French writer, and, in the past, the physician, dietician, born in 1941. In childhood, I dreamed of becoming an art historian, and she had a talent for the visual arts. But with the death of her mother has changed fundamentally in the life of a Dukan, he became a student at the school of medicine, and after graduation, practiced as a physical therapist.

What is the diet Dukan

The diet Dukan came up at the end of the 90s of the last century. The creation of a nutritionist, it took about 40 years old, the doctors went on to a detailed study of the impact of the proteins in the human body. The essence of the diet is a diet that is formed on the basis of the products of the protein, and it is difficult to limit the intake of carbohydrates.

Pierre Dukan believes that each person has a unique inventory of fat cells. To accumulate weight, they are more likely to both men and women, those who have those cells too. And to get rid of the excess weight and to maintain the achieved results, you have to eat protein products.

Interesting. The world's awareness to the Pier Dukantem came in the year 2000, following the sale of his principal book, "I don't know to lose weight. The volume of sales in France, she has lost a little bit with the release of the Harry Potter series.

The rule of the diet-the Dukan is a pass-through of the 4 stages, each one of which is your body preparing for a change in the diet, the weight loss and the maintenance of the results. But you don't want to leave the products favorite. The diet allows for the consumption of more than 100 products.

Phase # 1 Of The "Attack"

The first one is the most important phase, aiming at the formation of motivation. At this stage, you can afford to lose 5 or 10 pounds. To keep to a diet, the attack phase longer than 10 days. And the smaller the excess weight, the quicker it ends in the first round.

So, if you want to re-set to 5 lbs, the second step continues from 1 to 3 days. When the volume of excess weight from 5 to 10 kg of body weight, keeping to a diet it can take anywhere between 3 to 5 working days, if more than 10 kg, so in order to attack you will have from 5 to 7 days.

In the first stage, to eat only the needs of specific products, with the least amount of salt added to ready-made meals. The amount of food is not limited, it is possible to whenever you get hungry.

What are the products that are in your diet:

  • lean meat,turkey, veal, rabbit, beef, and beef products;
  • viscera: in the liver of the fowl, and beef, beef, beef tongue, kidney, and tongue of a calf;
  • fish: any of a, including a smoky, salty, oily;
  • the fruits of the sea;
  • up to 2 egg yolks per day;
  • lean-to dairy products.

In reasonable quantities is allowed-the use of herbs and spices. It is permissible for the mustard, dried herbs, and pepper. Drinks drink coffee, tea, Cola, diet.

Phase # 2 Of "The Cruise"

In the second phase, the reset is active, the weight. The first phase of the body to prepare it for a healthy diet rich in protein, and because of this, for the Cross, well-being, not to make it worse. The duration of this stage varies from 3 months old until they reach the desired weight.

In the beginning of the second phase is the rotation of the products of protein and vegetables. So don't miss out, one day, you take in only protein during the day as needed.

What are the products that can be used:

  • all of the foods that are rich in protein, which was used in the first phase.
  • a cucumber;
  • the radish;
  • the Bulgarian pepper;
  • kale, collard greens;
  • mushrooms;
  • the celeriac (celery root), and all of the other vegetables, except for potatoes, corn, avocado, red and white kidney beans, lentils, peas, olives, and olive oil;
  • a once-a-day is it ok to eat yogurt with no fat at all.

Phase # 3 "In The Clamp"

This is a very important one. It allows you to set the results, so don't go back to that weight. The duration shall be determined individually. On average, for every pound lifted in the weight that you need to stick to the 10 days of the diet. If you have lost 15 pounds, and the duration of the third stage, it will be as long as 150 days.

You are the product of the first and of the second stage. But, the diet becomes more and more rich, they are added to the new product:

  • pot roast — the three (3) times a week;
  • whole wheat bread — 2 slices per day;
  • - low-fat-cheese — for up to 50 gr. in a day;
  • fruits — 200 gr. in a day;
  • pasta — up to 220 gr. on the day, but not more than 2 times a week.
  • 2 boiled potatoes — a portion of 150 gr. no more than 1 time in a week.
  • beans, lentils, peas, chick peas — not more than 1 time a week, with a capacity of up to 100 gr..

In the third stage, we are still short on a fast carbohydrates, but the menu becomes more varied.

Stage # 4 "Stabilization"

The fourth, final stage. You will gradually go back to a series of food. Of course, it is immediately in the gang to be at the top of the cakes and pastries. To add to the diary, 1-2 product, and keep in mind that it is important to measure. Do not take a supplement, eat a meal, carefully chewing the food.

The fourth and last phase, it helps to go back to her, but don't forget about the viewing habits of a healthy diet.

Indications and Contra-indications

Before you decide on your weight loss, along with diet, Dukan, be sure to check out the list of indications and contra-indications:

  • less of the old.
  • pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • disease of the kidneys and the liver;
  • gout;
  • with disturbed metabolism;
  • the problems are neurological.

It is not appropriate that such a diet for people with the job's mental, and for those who are prone to frequent respiratory tract illnesses. It is not recommended that you begin to lose weight over a period of beriberi in the spring and in the fall.

For most conditions, diet,

The diet Dukan effective only upon the fulfillment of a number of rules:

  1. Every day, eat a half tablespoons of oat bran. Due to the high content of fiber, which improves digestion and the body's metabolism.
  2. The important of daily exercise. Make it a habit not to use the lift and climb up and down the stairs to the foot. In the absence of contra-indications , and to practice jogging, yoga, and gymnastics. To move the time.
  3. To keep good health. Remember, that proteins give you a lot of stress on the kidneys, and this is why I pay attention to the body, in order to avoid any problems.
  4. A lot of water to drink. It is a good rule of thumb for any diet. On the day of to drink comes , at least 2 liters per day of liquid oxygen, with a base of coffee and tea making facilities.

Interesting. The development of the diet, Pierre Dukan began after a visit to a patient. She complained of obesity and would be willing to change your diet. But when I do, the wife put a condition that she is not ready to abandon the flesh. Dukan advised a patient to eat only lean meats and drink plenty of water. Finally, the week of the woman in first 5 pounds.

The ins and outs of the diet Dukan

You have to the diet Dukan there are many people, and vice-versa, and enemies. And no wonder — the nutritionist has given way to a new way of losing weight, and can reduce the portions and to reduce the number of snacks per day. And here are some of the opponents of the diet argue that this is just a marketing ploy, but in reality, the technique does not work.

It will help with the diet or not, it depends on the individual characteristics of the organism. And before you start to "attack", we encourage you to read up on the pros and cons of the diet.

The advantages of the diet

The benefits of diet Dukan the if you apply:

  1. The varied and tasty nutrition, with the start of the second round. In the third phase, the menu should include popular products, except for sweets and meat dishes.
  2. An excellent motivator. In the first phase, you will lose weight at some excess weight. This will motivate you even more to comply with the rules of the diet.
  3. You may not have to count calories. Pierre Dukan doesn't ask for the calorie count of the dish, so if you fit into the allowed table. In addition, he believes that in order for this technique to be ineffective, therefore, to return to the normal working of the weight back on.
  4. It can be eaten at any time of the day, it is not limited to, the number of parts. Foods that are rich in protein that is very nutritious, so you won't be physically able to eat that much.

The disadvantages of the diet

The disadvantage of the diet is referred to as:

  1. A deficiency of carbohydrates can be a cause for the reduction in the intelligence quotient, and the division of the voltage.
  2. An excess of protein has a negative effect on the kidneys, and for this reason it is contraindicated in diseases of the organs of the latter.

Diet Dukan menu for each day

Consider the example of the menu for each day, taking into account the rules of each phase. You can manage on your own, but having regard to what has been described above.

Menu for the 7 days at the end of the "Attack"

Diameter Breakfast and lunch Lunch Dinner
1 Omelet with turkey, tea Fish soup with salmon and green tea The meat, roasted in foil
2 Low-fat cottage cheese The soup of the meat of the veal with chicken breast, egg, coffee, Fish stew, green tea
3 Eggs-2 eggs, coffee Fish cakes without the lucas Baked cheesecakes, coffee, tea
4 Top of the bran of wheat, one piece of salted salmon, coffee, The ear of the cod fish, coffee, tea Then, the cooked chicken, and tea
5 Omelet, coffee, tea Products from the lemon, and black tea The fish on the sheet
6 A piece of cheese, tea Soup with beef meatballs Omelet, coffee, tea
7 Eggs, hard-cooked, low-fat yogurt The meat is cooked without any vegetables, coffee, tea Stewed mussels

Menu for the 7 days at the end of the "Cruise"

Diameter Breakfast and lunch Lunch Dinner
1 Omelet, coffee, tea The meat in aluminum foil, salad dressing, cucumber, and bell pepper Soufflé of fish, coffee, tea
2 Low-fat cottage cheese, coffee Fish soup with cod Top of the bran from the wheat, kefir
3 Cheesecakes, coffee The beef in the soup is pre-made Low-fat cottage cheese, green tea
4 A salad of kale, collard greens, tea, and Fish stew and fish in a foil 2 hard-boiled eggs, coffee, tea
5 Scrambled eggs with meat breakfast A cheese au gratin Stewed chicken and vegetables
6 Low-fat cheese, eggs Soup with beef meatballs, coffee, tea A stew with vegetables, squid
7 Cheesecakes, kefir Meat, vegetables, coffee, tea Omelet, 1 egg,

Menu for the 7 days at the end of "the fix"

Diameter Breakfast and lunch Lunch Dinner
1 Omelette, chicken, coffee, tea The meat is boiled with vegetables Cooked shrimp, 1 orange
2 The cheese in the dough with apple, tea Soup, chicken with vegetables, Fruit
3 A piece of cheese, coffee Soup with chicken, meatballs, salad and vegetables Cheesecakes with fresh fruit, main, coffee, tea
4 2 hard-boiled eggs, coffee, tea Meat-filled, no vegetables The shrimp with the herbs
5 Scrambled eggs, the smoothie strawberry Fish with lemon and salad. Cheese, sauce pan, tea
6 Cheesecakes, coffee, tea A stew of meat, liver and vegetables Grilled fish, coffee, tea
7 Omelet with meat, and coffee Soup, fish, vegetables, coffee, tea The ricotta cheese, yogurt

Menu for the 7 days at the end of the "Stabilization"

Diameter Breakfast and lunch Lunch Dinner
1 Scrambled eggs with grilled chicken breast, juice of Beef with seasonal vegetables and potatoes Chicken rolls stuffed with seasonal vegetables, coffee, tea
2 Oatmeal with fresh fruit, and coffee Product of lemon, salad and vegetables Stew the chicken in the ventricles, vegetables, yoghurt, cream
3 Buckwheat porridge Fish cakes with noodles Low-fat cottage cheese, tea
4 Corn syrup and porridge oats with milk The flesh-pots, tea - All of the fruit juices
5 Omelet, coffee, tea Beef, baked in foil, without any of the vegetables Low-fat cottage cheese, yogurt
6 Hard-boiled egg, 1 apple Fish, vegetables, coffee, tea Cheese casserole with berries
7 Cheesecakes, coffee Chicken with pasta, or grind to a Bits and pieces of the fish, stews, vegetables and a sauce of tomato paste, juice of