How to lose weight properly and without harm to health


To lose weight without the stress and causing harm is real. You just need to know how to do it and to adhere to certain rules. It is about them and speech will go.

To the process of losing weight was the most comfortable and safe for the body, you must balance the psycho-emotional state and provide training.

To do this:

  1. 2 weeks Yes start weight loss to start a course of soothing herbal teas and natural anti-stress essential oils (it can be: lavender, ylang ylang, Mandarin, vanilla, etc.).
  2. To determine the index of the whole mass (ITM). It is calculated by the formula:



    M - weight, kg

    19-24 - norm

    25-29 - overweight

    30 or more - obese


    Weight - 84 kg

    Height - 1,67 m


    The result corresponds to obesity.

  3. To set ourselves a clear goal - how much you want to weigh.
  4. Calculate the difference between actual and desired weight. For example, the current weight of 84 kg, want - 54 kg. Difference: 84-54=30 kg
  5. Calculate, based on the rules of weight loss (3-4 kg in a month), period for weight loss. For example, you want to lose 30 kg. Period = 30/3=10 months

  6. Start to keep a food diary (now in power). Geta is important because it is necessary to accurately determine the causes of excess weight (more about them below).

Why can't I lose weight so not eating much

The first thing to do is to understand what hell is, actually, possible to recover. Because often people really don't understand what ate Java is the cause of their excess weight. And most often, not having dealt with this issue, refer to its special Constitution, structure, heredity, hormones and t.. D.

I will give only some of the possible causes:

  1. Unconscious eating "extra" calories.
  2. Eating spicy food.
  3. Meals not hell, hunger and hell of boredom.
  4. Snacks "for the company."
  5. Overeating and distended stomach.
  6. Jamming of stress and trouble.
  7. Later snacks / meals / tea.
  8. The use of strict diets and starvation.
  9. Not following the "rule of plates".
  10. Not the proportions of calories consumed during the day.
  11. The transition to a meatless diet and nutrition.
  12. The exception to the menu of the foods without the introduction in the diet alternative.
  13. Cooking "by eye" (without the weighing of ingredients and calculate the calories).
  14. Application to hedgehog products that do not match the food type.
  15. The malnutrition for a family.
  16. Eating large amounts of sugar.
  17. The accumulation of products in store.
  18. The lack of daily weight control.
  19. The lack of a food diary.
  20. The lack of clean water in the daily diet.

Let's analyze in detail vascular possible causes of weight gain, at the same time I will tell you what to do or what not to do to lose weight.

1. Unconscious eating "extra" calories.

The most common reason for this is ignorance of the real calorie foods. Many believe that the fruits, vegetables, juices, dairy is not high in calories hedgehog. This is a misconception. Also underestimated the caloric content is more likely to be: butter, nuts, dried fruits, cereal and pasta.

For example,

1 teaspoon vegetable oil contains 45 kcal, dining room - 135 kcal.

100 gr. cucumbers - 13,5 kcal

100 gr. tomatoes - 20,61 kcal.

It turns out that regular servings (300 gr) harmless looking salad with tomatoes and cucumbers go out on average 320-400 kcal.

1 Cup (250 ml) of kefir - 148 kcal;

1 Cup of drinkable plain yogurt - 230 calories;

1 medium size Apple (about 230 gr.) - 120 kcal;

1 medium size banana (about 140 gr. without skin) - 125 kcal;

1 tsp. honey is 15.2 kcal;

1 tsp sugar - 19 kcal;

1 art. L. butter - 108 calories;

100 gr. pasta - 357 kcal;

100 gr. cereals (oats, rice, millet, etc.) - an average of 350 calories;

100 gr. bread - 180 calories;

100 gr. raspberry - 53 kcal;

100g nuts (almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, etc.) - an average of 645 calories;

100 gr. dried fruits (dates, prunes, apricots, cherries, etc.) - an average of 300 kcal;

300 ml of coffee with milk without sugar and 150 kcal.

Now consider how this works on the example menu for one day with no harmful ingredients.


Milk porridge without sugar or honey - 1 small serving (about 200 gr. ready-made meals) - 530 calories

Coffee with milk without sugar (for example, a Latte) - 300 ml - 150 kcal

2 small candy (for example, e nuts and dried fruits) - 100 kcal

Total: 780 calories


1 small sandwich with Adygei cheese - 250 calories

tea without sugar and honey - 5 kcal

Total: 255 calories


1 serving of low-fat soup (300 ml ready-made meals) - 300 kcal

2 slices of bread - 145 kcal

1 serving salad (300 gr.) e vegetables e vegetable oil - 400 kcal

tea without sugar and honey - 5 kcal

Total: 850 calories


2 handfuls of nuts (30 gr.) - 195 kcal

How to measure a handful of nuts: pour in the hand the nuts and hold the hand into a fist so that all the fingers tightly against each and other and nuts could be seen. For example, almond nuts in one handful contains only 15 pieces.


1 portion of pasta (about 150 gr. the finished dish) with butter - 400 calories

1 portion fish for a couple (150 gr.) - 300 kcal

1 serving salad (300 gr.) e vegetables e vegetable oil - 400 kcal

tea without sugar and honey - 5 kcal

Total: 1105 kcal


1 Cup (250 ml) of yogurt - 150 kcal

2 medium sized Apple - 240 calories

Total: 390 calories

Total for the day is: 3575 kcal

And, mind you, this is without cakes, pastries, fatty meat, fried foods without lots of oil, and even without sugar or honey. Lose weight with this menu it is impossible.

(!) For women the norm kcal per day on average is around 2000 kcal, for men is 2400 kcal.

To begin to lose weight for women enough to consume per day is 1200 kcal, to maintain the form - 1600 kcal. For men and 1600 kcal and 2000 kcal, respectively.

2. Eating spicy foods (seasoned with garlic, chilli, onion, etc.). Sharp urchin raises the appetite and stimulates the you eat eat eat more.

3. Meals not hell, hunger and hell of boredom. If you're bored and have nothing to do, the brain is actively looking for something to fill the space of our activities. The most simple variant - to go to eat and/or sleep. And, consequently, hunger phenomena of reality is more often than might be.

4. Snacks "for the company." This situation occurs not always, when there is a proposal to drink tea or sit in a cafe (chat). Although it is, of course, may the place to be. In google+ that someone on your eyes begins to eat sweets or drink tea / juice / yogurt and t.. d. the Brain reacts at lightning speed - we immediately ate Java is the desire to do the same (hands on the machine drawn circle Yes or candy). Most often, such kind of additional (not scheduled) calories faced office workers.

5. Overeating and distended stomach. In 99% of cases people who suffer the hell of excess weight greatly distended stomach. Stretched it is usually years in gradually increasing portions. And enough of the small portions is not obtained. If you think that the portions in restaurants are too small and I often notice that do not load default set*, then it is likely that your stomach is distended. Because serving institutions total power is always strictly limited and they should be enough to satisfy.

* 1 hot dish and salads, no dessert and hot drinks.

But the good news is, the stomach can be reduced (without expensive and risky operations).

6. Stress-related eating and trouble

In stressful situations people tend to ate ate Adazi much more than usual. A sin that you begin to indulge yourself with sweets - "it's just a little chocolate, you will think 100 grams is all, nothing terrible and for the brain helpful." Often in the process of "meeting" a person does not control the amount eaten and the day ate eaten to eat a few pounds of candy.

This is due to the fact that when eating sweet we the hormone of happiness, but it ends very quickly and desire ate eaten to eat something delicious phenomenon of reality is again and again.

Stress-related eating is not safe, as for psycho-emotional health (the reason of stress does not disappear and only intensified) and physical (the extra pounds and lead to obesity and various serious Esna esneh diseases).

7. Later snacks / meals / tea.

The last meal of the day should be no later than 4 hours Yes waste and sleep. Otherwise, all ate ate ezine quickly turns into extra pounds.

8. The use of strict diets and starvation.

Fans of strict diets and fasting are often faced with the fact that can't cope with the hunger. The same effect is observed with a sharp restriction in the diet in comparison with usual. Our body is very wise arranged, this kind of execution he perceives as the strongest stress and begins, first, be reserved in favor of the calories (get fat reserve in the form of tracked items at the hips and waist), on the other, require the hormones of happiness (once declared a hunger strike or a strict diet, we immediately want something sweet).

After the cessation of such abuse of the body, so people are very quickly put on weight and the area and surroundings, and often even more than it has been since the beginning of the diet.

9. Failure to comply with the "rules of the plates".

It can be:

  • the lack of greens and vegetables;
  • a large number of fat, flour, meat;
  • the lack of protein foods (meat, fish, cheese, etc.);
  • failure to comply with the proportions of the "plates".

Ideally, should be respected the following proportion of "plates" per day:


1/2 - hedgehog protein

1/2 - complex carbohydrates

Valid only complex carbs, or only protein hedgehog. For example, it may be porridge or cottage cheese with sour cream.


1/2 - greens and vegetables in any form (except fried)

1/4 - a side dish of complex carbohydrates (whole grains or pasta - app cooking Al Dente)

1/4 - protein hedgehog


3/4 - greens and not starchy vegetables in any form (except fried)

1/4 - protein hedgehog

This option is best suited for men with a menu of 1600 or 2000 calories.

The second option (more acceptable for women, from the menu 1200 calories):


1/4 - protein hedgehog

1/4 - fruits, vegetables, herbs

1/2 - complex carbohydrates


1/2 - greens and vegetables in any form (except fried)

1/4 - a side dish of complex carbohydrates (whole grains or pasta - app cooking Al Dente)

1/4 - protein hedgehog


1 - the greens and not starchy vegetables in any form (except fried)

The third option (my favorite, no dinner):


1/2 - hedgehog protein

1/4 - fruits, vegetables, herbs

1/4 - complex carbohydrates


1/2 - greens and vegetables in any form (except fried)

1/4 - a side dish of complex carbohydrates (whole grains or pasta - app cooking Al Dente)

1/4 - protein hedgehog

10. Failure to comply with the proportions of calories consumed during the day.

Most often people have a large portion of the calories in the second half of the day, and it should be the opposite. For an example of how this can happen, you can see in paragraph 1 - there is just given a menu with a violation of the proportions of calories consumed.

What to do:

Whatever the hell the selected number of calories per day (for weight loss / for weight maintenance / men / women), proportion of calories during the day should be approximately:


45% of the calories baked whole consumption per day


7.5% of the calories baked whole consumption per day


25% of the calories baked whole consumption per day


7.5% of the calories baked whole consumption per day


15% of the calories baked whole consumption per day

For example, if you decided to stick with power of 1200 kcal per day (norm for women to lose weight), you should get something like this:

  1. Breakfast - 540 kcal
  2. Snack - 90 calories
  3. Abed - 300 kcal
  4. Snack - 90 calories
  5. Dinner - 180 kcal

When the menu is 1600 calories to maintain the form (female) for slimming (men), the proportions should be roughly as follows:

  1. Breakfast - 720 kcal
  2. Snack - 120 calories
  3. Abed - 400 kcal
  4. Snack - 120 calories
  5. Dinner - 240 kcal

11. The transition to a meatless diet and nutrition.

There is a myth that if you fast or diet, then baked it necessarily lose weight. It is not so. Under meatless food, you need to understand just what meals prepared with foods that can be consumed in a hedgehog in his hour of Church fasting, and not only low-calorie foods.

For example, very often in the Lenten menu is used:

  • walnuts - they are high in calories (100 gr. - 645 kcal),
  • dried fruit (100 gr. - an average of 300 kcal),
  • grains (100 g. - an average of 350 kcal),
  • honey (100 gr. - 304 kcal)
  • sugar (100 gr. - 387 kcal)

On certain days you are allowed to use vegetable oil, it also has a large amount of calories (100 ml 900 kcal).

For comparison, the caloric content of certain foods that are forbidden during post:

100 gr. fish - 200 calories

100 gr. meat - 143 kcal

100 ml of milk - 42 calories

100 gr. eggs - 155 calories

100 gr. butter - 720 calories

So use the fast menu to lose weight is not necessary, goals to achieve that doesn't help, and morally-the ethical plan - post of the Church not to do this.

As for diet foods, here is the picture about the same. At the time, was designed by a special diet with defined sets of products (can be faced with such terms as the Diet №5, Diet №8, t.. d. - often used in medical institutions and sanatoriums). Usually intended such diets in accordance with human diseases. And accordingly, light does not mean that it is low-calorie.

12. The exception to the menu of the foods without the introduction in the diet alternative.

Google + so that you decide to lose weight, studying its usual menu for hazard and calories. Dalia exclude from the diet of more than half the foods / food and continues to eat only those foods that are not included in the list of "banned".

It's kind of hidden trap. Because, first, starts the real break-up hell for the lack of fatty / salty / pungent / sweet food (a combination of fat, sugar and salt is a strong addictive, just like cigarettes or alcohol). As a result, there is a failure and ate ate Adecco much more, or forbidden.

In another, the body begins to experience stress due to the lack of necessary components.

The consequences of this experiment can be very different:

  • hormonal disruptions,
  • the sharp deterioration of the skin (excessive dryness / acne / peeling, etc.)
  • hair loss (even total alopecia),
  • problems with the gastrointestinal tract,
  • mood swings,
  • depression,
  • apathy,
  • the weakened immune system,
  • problems with the cardiovascular system, and t.. D.

What to do:

For example, if you have removed the cakes, pastries and chocolate, it is necessary to introduce products that will replace them. But not in the literal sense: it was a meal of 1000 calories, change to a dish s other ingredients are also calorie 1000.

How to enter alternative meals / foods:

Instead of a piece of cake, or buns can be homemade candy. o. e nuts and dried fruit, and certainly not in large quantities (2 candies in the morning to set the mood). In other words, no more OST scones, cakes, waffles during the day, but ate ate Adam after Breakfast 2 candies from dried fruits and/or nuts.

Exclude fried potatoes, it is necessary to enter potatoes, steamed.

Ruled out the mayonnaise, you need to prepare the homemade sauce (not to be confused with homemade mayonnaise), for example, yoghurt + mustard + salt + herbs + pickled cucumber.

Removed from the diet of fatty pork, you need to replace it, for example, a chicken breast and a couple to add to your diet olive oil.

Removed refined oil, be sure to enter unrefined, but in reasonable amounts (including calories).

Excluded fat hedgehog, Dada in the diet of unrefined olive oil, organic olives without staining, avocado and nuts.

And so distances.

13. Cooking "by eye" (without the weighing of ingredients and calculate the calories).

If you do not weigh and measure out measuring devices products in the cooking process, it turns out impossible to determine the number of calories per serving. It is 100% results but eating extra calories and hence weight gain.

Signed and which was fulfilled, "by eye" to determine the grams of food very difficult. If you for the sake of experiment to weigh exactly 60 grams of any cereal or any pasta (that's how much you ate eaten to eat a day for menu 1200 calories), you'll see that "eye" so you never cooked (100% your portion would be much more). The same applies to vegetable oil. Try to pour in the pan the usual amount of oil, but only to measure it at the same time (!) teaspoon. I'm sure you will be very surprised how many teaspoons are usually poured by you for cooking.

Exactly as happens with all other products.

14. Application to hedgehog products that do not match the food type.

One of the secrets to a slim figure lies in the perception, what do you think? only two essential oils: grapefruit and vanilla (not to be confused with vanillin for baking!).

And it's not a fantasy but a scientifically proven fact (back in 1994 Gojo carried out extensive research, invented, patented and successfully applied to this day, the whole system weight correction). The perception of the aromas of 100% natural essential oils - the science that proved and justified by scientists in the last century. Our preferences and negation (like / dislike) is a kind of language which speak to us of oil.

To determine we need one drop of 100% natural essential oils of Vanilla and Grapefruit. With eyes closed, determine the most pleasant aroma, and voila, you can already determine that you need to eliminate from your diet to lose weight and, most important, subsequently, always stay in good shape.

If you prefer grapefruit, you need to delete:

high-fat desserts, fatty meats, smoked products, sausages, prepared foods, fatty dairy products.

If you prefer vanilla, exclude:

simple carbohydrates (sugar, starch, white bread, sweets, potatoes).

Important point: do this test only with high-quality natural oils (chemical copies, unfortunately, do not know how to speak the language of oil). How not to be mistaken with a choice of natural oils - this is a separate issue, and we sure as anything it will take a closer look, and now for you a small hint: Vanilla oil may the consistency of a thick paste of black colour and with a distinctive flavour (just like vanilla pods that we used to use in baking), and its price on the world market starts ad$ 15 for 1 ml.

15. The malnutrition for a family.

This often err mom, they start to eat up their children. It would seem, eaten a few spoonfuls of porridge or some fruit puree, whatever. But here lies the root of the problem, in each phenomenon of Java ezenei spoon has calories (the clock is quite decent) that are not included in the total calculation. And if the growing organism of the baby is the number the only benefit, for mothers immediately weight gain.

What to do:

The first option is not to eat at all (throw away the leftovers).

The second (more complicated) to calculate the caloric value of food remaining, and even if it's just one scoop, and to reduce its planned food for the day for exactly this amount of calories.

16. The accumulation of products in store.

The fact is that if the home is a large amount of food and sweets, immediately significantly increases the temptation ate ate an extra piece or an extra piece of candy. Another point, if something was purchased in the stocks and begins to disappear - in most cases, people begin to "save" (rather ate ate Adachi) these products. In the end ate ate Adecco much more than planned and need to lose weight.

What to do:

Before you go with a list to the store, you need to carefully examine the remnants of the existing products and their shelf life. Products try to buy exactly the amount that is necessary (except in long-stored, for example, cereals and oil). Now almost all supermarkets have an opportunity to weigh products, it is very comfortable, not to buy too much. The second option is to purchase products in the market and ask to weigh the required quantity. When purchasing products, you should also pay attention to the expiration date to a week nothing was spoiled.

17. Eating large amounts of sugar.

About the dangers of sugar I highly recommend to watch the movie "Sugar".

18, 19, 20. The absence of daily monitoring of weight and food diary, neglect of clean water in the daily menu.

fruits and vegetables on the scales

Example menu for a week

To lose weight at home without damaging your health, you must adhere to a balanced diet. Below is an example menu with easy to prepare dishes that will help you in quick weight loss:

Before skin meal to drink 1 glass of clean water.


Breakfast: cottage cheese casserole, fruit, and coffee Latte.

Snack: almonds.

Abed: beef W grilled pumpkin, salad W lettuce and vegetables.

Snack: dried apricots.

Dinner: steamed vegetables, salads, herbs and vegetables.


Breakfast: yogurt with berries and almonds, a coffee Latte.

Snack: an Apple.

Abed: masivy soup with Adygei cheese, 2 slices of bread, salads, vegetables and herbs.

Snack: dates.

Dinner: vegetable curry.


Breakfast: millet porridge with pumpkin, tea.

Snack: walnuts.

Abed: pasta W sauce W spinach.

Snack: sweet pepper Bulgarian.

Dinner: salad W vegetables and herbs.


Breakfast: scrambled eggs with asparagus, tea.

Snack: a banana.

Abed: chicken breast W buckwheat, salad greens and vegetables.

Snack: prunes.

Dinner: grilled vegetables (eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes, bell peppers Sladky).


Breakfast: oat porridge with pear, coffee Americano.

Snack: hazelnuts.

Abed: rice with mushrooms, salads, vegetables and herbs.

Snack: tomatoes.

Dinner: pumpkin grilled W herbes de Provence, salad s vegetables m green.


Breakfast: cottage cheese dessert with yogurt and fruit, coffee Latte.

Snack: tangerine.

Abed: fish soup with potatoes, 2 slices of bread, salads, vegetables and herbs.

Snack: carrots.

Dinner: steamed vegetables (eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes, pepper).


Breakfast: sandwiches W avocado and strawberry tea.

Snack: pine nuts.

Abed: pasta al TA s salads vegetables, greens and avocado.

Snack: cucumber.

Dinner: salad W spinach, beets and strawberries.

Dalia you need to analyze your food diary for 2 weeks, being able to identify your causes of the phenomenon of Java, the appearance of extra pounds (not sure that all 20 positions you will, most likely, in some points you're going to know yourself, and in some not). It's not so simple, but try to be as fair and objective.

Once the causes of excess weight understood, you should start gradually implement all the recommendations (written above).

What we're doing in parallel:

  1. Begin to use essential oils adaptogens (oils that help to adapt Yes, all situations). It can be: lemon, grapefruit, bergamot, fir, cypress, arborvitae, fir, pine, etc.)
  2. Continue to drink herbal soothing fees.
  3. Start the course of anti-cellulite massage.
  4. Take soda-salt bath for weight loss.
  5. Dada exercise.
the girl on the bike

Physical activity

If Yes, this physical activity was not a long time, you should start with a small amount of time (10 minutes), gradually increase the load and duration of courses. The classes should be regular (at least 3 times a week).

It is very important to find the exercise that will be fun.

It can be:

  • walking,
  • swimming,
  • dancing,
  • Nordic walking,
  • yoga,
  • Pilates
  • stretching,
  • gymnastics for a healthy back,
  • running
  • Cycling,
  • Aqua-aerobics.